Light Well Siegen 

A circular reflecting pool subtly transforms a non-descript light well at WadrichSiegen’s HQ in Burbach, in Germany. Situated between the production area and the canteen, the artwork, which is configured within a golden section configuration, animates the space, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, revitalizing what was once a drab internal void. The residual area of the atrium is filled with fractured grey gravel, so contrasting with the smooth surface of the light installation.

The impact of the scheme draws upon three interrelated factors: the design’s materiality - polished stainless steel; the blue LED lighting, which indirectly illuminates the surface - the colour corresponding to the company’s corporate blue; and the amount of rain water that accumulates within the pool - the greater the volume of water, the greater the refraction of light.

During daylight the clouds are reflected in the surface; with the onset of night the LED lighting delivers an ethereal light, the surrounding glazing generating multiple reflections. Although only 14cm deep, the illuminated pool appears to have indefinable depth. Water and light orchestrate the work, resulting in a myriad of visual configurations, no two days ever being the same.