Villa Stolberg, 

This comprehensive residential renovation - comprising landscaping, restoration work and a ground floor rear extension - confidently disseminates the modernist palette within a traditional suburban setting.

The project's bold architectural landscaping in fair-faced white concrete complements the scale and massing of the house. The existing façade of the building is maintained, accentuating the dynamic between old and new.

Within and to the rear of the villa, the dining area, kitchen and living room have been reconfigured as one large, open plan, L-shaped space which connects with the generous terrace, courtesy of two sets of over-sized bespoke glass doors and the same oak flooring running inside and out.

Restoration work within the villa’s internal lightwell is thorough and respectful - and, in the case of its dramatic sky vista, enhanced by a frameless, neatly detailed glazing unit.

Generously portioned cast in-situ concrete slabs provide steps to the front entrance which align with a similar configuration at the rear of the building, the latter connecting the terrace with the lower section of the garden. Both feature the same minimal steel railing design which elegantly contrasts with the scale and solidity of the project as a whole.

The two-tier hard landscaping at the rear of the villa conceals a subterranean garage with room for three cars.