Penthouse Wirth 

Penthouse Wirth's titanium zinc tile cladding refreshingly contrasts with the building's late 19th century architecture and the traditional vernacular of the surrounding properties. The result is a classic juxtaposition of old and new.

Conceptually, two orthogonal volumes articulate the build, generating the views and quality of light. At the front, a large dormer window with floor to ceiling glazing provides morning sunlight to the living areas. At the back, a generous open terrace, accessed via large-format windows, takes full advantage of the evening sun. Within the main design, a series of wall panels allows for more intimate spaces to be created, if so required.

As a way of further enhancing the loft style living experience, the bespoke glazing to the outside area can be folded and slid back into the adjoining wall, so delivering unobstructed views of the Frankfurt skyline and the hills beyond.

In addition to the work undertaken on the penthouse, the five-storey house was fully renovated, both internally and externally, as part of the commission.