Penthouse H 

This late 19th century top floor apartment has been completely transformed, resulting in a series of spatious, light-filled interiors. Within the dramatic double-height main living area new roof glazing delivers a generous source of natural light, as well as facilitating an engaging interplay of light and shadow. Moreover, continuously changing sky vistas, many of which feature aircraft vapour trails, ensure a contemplative connection with the outside world.

Integral to the apartment design is the reconfiguration of a previously inaccessible section of the loft, now functioning as a gallery and workspace, with an adjoining terrace offering impressive views of the Frankfurt skyline. These read as one continuous space, courtesy of the striking glazed doorway design and the same slate flooring running inside and out.

Throughout the scheme the slate floor adds depth and texture to the clean white aesthetic, while its classic grid layout facilitates an exacting arrangement for all the interior furniture. Within this spatial template the elegant upper floor glass balustrading and the eucalyptus hardwood for the doorways and kitchen units reinforce the elemental clarity that informs every aspect of this interior project.